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Light Box Wall Mounted Poster Display Frames

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Designer Metal SwingFrame Lightbox  

Designer Metal SwingFrame Lightbox
Our backlit wall-mounted lightboxes are simply different than what you typically find. The style, look and function of SwingFrame Lightboxes are designed to be noticed as well as have your graphics and message come through bright and clear. These attractive florescent Lightbox displays, with its round aluminum profile presents a classic contemporary look that can be placed into any interior setting.
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Wood 353 with Mat Board Edge-Lit T4 Poster Light Box


SwingFrame Edge-Lit T4 Fluorescent Wood 353 with Matboard Poster Light Box
Wood light boxes that are edgelit are not easy to find. SwingFrame is out to change that with this elegant Wood Light Box Display frame. The Décor Wood #353 T-4 lightbox features 9 contemporary wood finishes. At only 2" deep the wall mounted wood #353 lightbox display features contemporary 3-step wood profile attached to a sturdy back metal case. SwingFrame's wood frame lightbox is edgelit with the latest in long-lasting, energy efficient linkable T-4 florescent light bulb technology. The sleek bulbs are attached to the sides of an etched acrylic light panel and distributes bright even lighting throughout the panel to illuminated your inserts. The florescent blubs have a life span of 16,000 hours and are replaceable.

The patented Slim Lightbox Display Frame is designed with hidden hinges and a gravity lock. The front frame swings open for quick change of all kinds of inserts; posters, signs, photography, graphics and Duratrans film. SwingFrame 353 Wood Lightbox Display Frames fits elegantly into wide-ranging indoor signage and advertising promotion applications for; Retail Stores, Corporate Offices, Financial Institutions, Hospitality and Medical Facilities, Entertainment Centers, Trade Shows, Casinos, Restaurants, Exhibitions, Showrooms and numerous other interior environments that require wood for their interior décor.
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Designer Wood Wall Mounted SwingFrame LightBox   Designer Wood SwingFrame Light Box Poster Display
When wood is required for your interior design project, take a good look at our wall mounted SwingFrame Wood Lightboxes for your visual display needs. These back-lit displays will brighten your poster / graphics and enhance your decor with its three step profile offered in nine natural wood stained finishes.
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Edge-Lit Fluorescent Wood Frame with Mat Board

  SwingFrame Edge-Lit T4 Fluorescent Wood 361 with Matboard Light Box
When looking for a Duratrans Light Boxes, you have lots of choices. But only one Duratran display offers a patented swing open design that makes changing posters, signage, photography and graphics a quick and easy while offering latest in long-lasting, energy efficient linkable T-4 florescent light bulb technology. The SwingFrame Décor Wood 361 Edgelit T-4 Lightbox with its elegant and simple1 3/16" flat face profile comes with a matboard to add an exciting picture frame style to lighted display frames. This combination of style and features brings out the best in wall mounted lightbox display design.

By placing T-4 florescent bulbs on the sides of an etched acrylic light panel you get to see a bright evenly distributed light illuminate your insert or Duratrans film. This also keeps the design of the wall mounted wood lightbox to 2" deep and presents a contemporary illuminated lightbox display fixture wherever it's presented. With a life span of 16,000 hours, the replaceable T-4 bulbs make these wooden Dura trans lightbox displays are worth looking into for wide ranging wall mount, illuminated display applications including: cinema displays, theatre light boxes, poster light boxes, movie poster light boxes, retail lightboxes, sign light boxes, or advertising light boxes. Whatever the need architects and designers can feel confident that specifying SwingFrame's Décor Wood 361 T-4 Lightbox displays will enhance their interior designs and please their clients.

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Edge-Lit Flourescent Light Box Metal Frame  

SwingFrame Edge-Lit T4 Fluorescent Light Box - Metal Round Top
Finally, quick-change, slim metal lightboxes with syle. At only 2 1/4" overall depth, our "Decor Lightboxes" are designed with the patented, swing-open "SwingFrame" system and incorporates a thin etched light panel that's illuminated with long-lasting fluorescent bulbs to spread light evenly and brightly. The thin SwingFrame Decor Light Box features a #43 round top metal profile and is further enhanced with decorative beveled matboard. This combination creates numerous design possibilities for interior decors.

Magnetic clamps inside the frame door holds your poster or graphic, "Duratrans Film" or other printed signage easily in place and makes it easily changeable. A simple, hidden gravity lock keeps the frame door shut. Decor Metal Lightboxes come in 6 standard sizes and eight popular metal profile colors are available. If additional security is needed, a side plunge lock is optional. All electrical components are UL listed. Low voltage T-4 bulbs are rated at 16,000 hours. Cord position and hardwire leads can be determined at time of purchase.

These slim attractive edgelit lightboxes can be used for a wide-range of signage, advertising, promotions and other announcements and are ideal for Retail Stores, Corporate Offices, Institutions, Hotels, Restaurants, Financial Centers, Healthcare Facilities, Sports & Entertainment Centers and Transportation Facilities.

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Wall Mounted LED Wide-Face Poster Display

  Super Wide-Face LED Poster SwingFrame Light Box Display
LED Edgelit Lightboxes from SwingFrame is more than just a lightbox display. It’s a lightbox display with a look, style and function that you won’t find anywhere else. SwingFrame’s Super Wide Face LED lightbox is our latest example of providing more choices for designers, architects and buyers that want more that just a lightbox. The slim design and bold aluminum frame present an impressive lightbox frame that is only 2” in depth. The contemporary, slightly curved bold profile is 2 3/8’ wide and comes standard in brushed silver and black finishes –the two most popular finishes that fit numerous interior design décor requirements. But if an LED lightbox poster display requires a different finish, our design services can powdercoat small volume lightbox orders to your specific color requests. Super-Wide Face Slim LED Lightboxes comes in four popular standard poster sizes, can be custom build to large format sizes and has an optional side plunge lock.

Super Wide-Face LED lightbox poster displays features our swing-open, quick change patented design. The poster or Duratrans transparency is placed inside the frame door and held in place with simple “Magna Clamps” These magnetic strips making it easy to change and update your latest advertising poster, graphic or other signage. Super Wide Face Led lightboxes use the latest in edgelit technology. These poster lightboxes are illuminated with energy efficient LED lights that spread a bright, even light throughout a thin etched acrylic panel. These LED lights are not only UL approved but the average life expectancy is rated at approximately 100,000 hours. That’s a lot of hours! With that kind of longevity these Super Wide-Face Slim LED lightboxes make an ideal illuminated interior display for numerous poster and signage applications that can be displayed in: retail stores, fast food restaurants, hotels and casinos, transportation centers, sports and entertainment centers, auto showrooms, museums, tradeshows and exhibits, malls and shopping centers as well as illuminated point of purchase display fixture.
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Designer Metal Directory Board SwingFrame with Header & Interior Lighting  

SwingFrame Decor Edge-Lit T4 Fluorescent Light Box Display - Metal Flat Top
Our newest Swing-Open SwingFrame Décor edgelit lightboxes with its elegant, contemporary flat top metal profile design and matboard adds an exciting new look and style to illuminated poster frames. At only 2 1/4” depth, the design of the Decor Edge-Lit lightbox display incorporates a thin etched acrylic light panel that spreads a bright even light with energy-efficient T-4 replaceable Florescent bulbs ―with an average life span of 16,000/hrs. For architects and designers the range standard and custom profile colors, finishes and matboards offer numerous interior design combinations to fit a wide-range of decors.
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Designer Wood Letter Board SwingFrame with Header & Interior Top Lighting

  SwingFrame LED Light Box - Wood 361 with Matboard
SwingFrame's LED Wood 361 slim design light box presents an elegant illuminated advertising, signage, graphic and poster lightbox display for interior environments. The flat 1 3/16" wood profile with its slim 2" depth, the swing open, patented design makes an ideal photography and poster lightbox display frame for retail stores, corporations, institutions, and entertainment centers that require energy efficient slim wall light box displays with edgelit LED light technology. This design combination is further enhanced with a selection of 10 standard wood finishes to meet an array of interior decors.

ORated for an incredible 100,000 hours of light life This no maintenance LED Wood Light Box makes an ideal choice for Retail Stores, Corporations, Institutions, Showrooms, Exhibit and Tradeshows, Hotels, Casinos, Airports and Transportation Facilities, Financial and Sports and Entertainment Centers -all indoor environments that require an attractive bright wood lightbox display frame with a quick change feature. Along with 5 standard light box sizes, custom wood light boxes can be built to your specific size with lots of custom wood profiles and finishes.

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Designer Metal Letter Board SwingStand  

SwingFrame LED Lightbox - Wood 353 with Mat Board
SwingFrame is a New York lightbox Manufacturer that offers Lightbox Display Frames with the beauty of wood and edgelit with the latest in LED light bulb technology. This wall mounted LED display lightbox swings open for quick change of posters, signs, and Duratrans graphics. The Wood 353 SwingFrame LED lightbox has a contemporary elegant 3-step wood profile. A beveled matboard border adds an exciting picture frame style to complete a lightbox design that can't help but attract attention.

With its slim 2" frame depth, SwingFrame's LED light box display presents an exciting, classy lightbox display. 10 wood finishes are offered to enhance wide-ranging interior decors. This wooden light box display is energy efficient and long lasting and provides brilliant edgelit lighting to bring out the best in posters, signage and graphics. Made for indoor illuminated display applications, the Wood 353 Décor LED lightbox can be used as an elegant wall light box frame such as a cinema display poster lightbox, ad light box, movie poster light box display, theatre lightbox frame, sign light box, directory lightbox and makes an ideal Duratrans light box display. SwingFrame 353 Wood light boxes come in 9 wood finishes and 5 standard sizes. Custom wood lightboxes are also available to meet interior décor and architectural design requirements.
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Thin Snap Frame Light Box Display

  Thin Snap Frame Light Box Display
Thin is in! Sleek and contemporary, SwingSnaps lightboxes are only 1 3/4" deep. These functional snap-open aluminum lightbox displays utilize new edge-lit technology to evenly brighten your signs, Duratrans graphics, posters, advertisements while grabbing your intended audience's attention. Thin, snap-open edge-lit lightboxes are long lasting and can fit nicely into any corporate or retail environment.
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Wide Wood SwingFrame LED Light Box  

Wide Wood SwingFrame LED LightBox
The latest in LED edgelit technology comes through brightly in SwingFrame’s new line of wood profile, slim lightboxes. We combined slim and bold to create a uniquely designed illuminated display frame. The slim profile design is only 2” deep and has a contemporary 2 3/4” flat-face wide wood profile that gives designers and architects new design possibilities for upcoming projects ─instead of the typical light box fixture seen just about everywhere.

Seven standard wood finishes and five standard sizes meet the challenge of numerous décor applications. In addition, slim custom lightboxes with numerous sizes and finishes are available, including lockable light box models. The SwingFrame Décor LED Edgelit Wide Wood lightbox is built to last a long time. A thin, etched acrylic light panel is edge lit with UL listed LED lights ─with an average light expectancy of 80,000-100,000 hours. If your duratrans posters, graphics, directories, menus, and other signage projects require illuminated wood display fixtures, this bold and bright new LED edgelit light box provides a long-lasting, energy efficient way to meet your interior design and décor applications needs.

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Snap Frame Back Lit Light Box Display

  Snap Frame Light Box Display (3 3/4" Deep)
Light always attracts more attention. Especially, if it’s an easy front loading, snap frame lightbox. This wall mounted display frame has all the qualities that make your signs, posters and graphics come to life for long periods of time. In fact the 20,000 hours average is equal to 4-5 years of continuous use! With a depth of only 3 7/8" this Snap Frame meets ADA regulations.
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LED Edge-Lit Wall Mounted Poster SwingFrame  

SwingFrame LED Edge-Lit Lightbox - Metal Flat Top
LED Lightbox Display frame from SwingFrame Mfg. includes our swing-open #117 LED edgelit lightbox display, This indoor wall light box frame features a contemporary flat-top metal profile and a mat board border that presents an elegant classic picture frame style that fits attractively and comfortably into numerous contemporary interior decors including retail stores, corporate facilities, exhibits and institutions, showrooms, banks, hotels, casinos, and other indoor environments.

SwingFrame Décor Metal #117 LED Lightbox Display is designed with the Latest in Slim Edgelit LED Lightbox Technology. Long-lasting and energy-efficient, this LED Light Box Display includes a thin etched acrylic light panel that's edgelit with thin LED light bulbs. Plug in the slim light box case and you'll see a clean, bright light spread that has an average life span of 100,000 hours. That's 4-5 years!

Quickly Change Posters, Signs and Duratrans film. The attractive slim LED lightbox display design has hidden hinges and gravity lock. Just swing open to make the quick graphic changes, The Decor #117 SwingFrame edgelit LED is a great wall light box frame choice to meet numerous illuminated in store marketing and pop display applications including; poster light box, sign light box, advertising light box, and also makes an ideal lightbox display for illuminating Duratrans graphics.

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EasySnap Open Back Lit Light Box Display

  Easy Snap Open Light Box Display (5" Deep)
This wall mounted snap frame backlit display has all the qualities that allow posters, signs, graphics and advertising to stay bright and looked at for several years without changing bulbs. This low maintenance lightbox display frame uses sleek T-4 florescent bulbs that last an average of 16,000 hours. The Snap Frame Backlit Lightbox bulbs are easily replaceable and a lower cost alternative to LED lightboxes.

Snap Frame Backlit Lightboxes ─a Popular Wall Display Choice to Brighten your Posters, Signs, Photography and Promotional Advertising. SwingFrame "SwingSnap" aluminum snap frame lightboxes are a cost effective display solution for retail stores, corporations, institutions, trade shows, museum exhibitions, hotels, restaurants, medical centers transportation facilities and other interior locations where getting more attention makes our back lit light box displays worth considering for upcoming illuminated advertising and signage projects.

These Snap Frame Lightboxes have a metal, aluminum frame that's 1 1/4" and snaps open on all sides for easy front loading of posters and popular Duratrans film graphics and snap shut to secure the print or film insert. SwingFrame Snap Frames have been used for an array of backlit displays such as; backlit poster light boxes, backlit sign frames, lighted movie poster frames, theatre light boxes and retail point of purchase wall light box display. 11 standard snap frame light boxes sizes with 5 aluminum snap frame finishes and custom light boxes are also available.

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LED Edge-Lit Wall Mounted Poster SwingFrame  

SwingFrame LED Edge-Lit Lightbox - Metal Round Top
LED lightboxes designed SwingFrame Manufacturing includes our swing-open slim #43 LED lightbox display. The 2" edgelit wall light box features a round-top aluminum metal profile and a matboard border color that compliments the frame finish. The result is a classic picture frame style that fits nicely with an array of contemporary designed interiors including retail stores, corporate facilities, financial institutions, medical offices and hospitals, theatres and entertainment centers as well as other indoor environments.

This lightbox presents the latest in LED Light Box display technology. Energy efficient Décor Metal #43 SwingFrame LED lightbox features a thin etched acrylic light panel that's edge lit by small LED lights on the panel sides and creates a clean, bright light spread. The energy efficient LED light box display provides an average illuminated life span of 100,000 hours. That's 4-5 years with no maintenance.

Slim LED light Boxes from SwingFrame are used in wide-ranging indoor illuminated display applications including poster light boxes, sign light boxes, advertising light boxes and Duratrans Lightboxes. Hidden hinges and concealed gravity lock make SwingFrame's swing-open, quick changing metal profile LED wall light box display worth considering for your next signage, advertising or point of sale project. LED custom light box displays are also available.

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Wide-Edge Snap Frame Backlit Lightbox T4 Fluorescent Display

  Wide-Edge Snap Frame T4 Fluorescent Back-Lit Light Box Display
If you're looking for lightbox that has more visual impact, take a look at SwingFrame's wall mounted Wide-Edge backlit display. The bold snap frame profile with its 2 1/2" wide frame will attract a lot of attention wherever it's displayed, in any indoor environment. 3 popular aluminum frame finishes, Black, Satin Gold and Brushed (Satin) Silver, will fit comfortably in numerous contemporary decors. Backlit Snap frame lightboxes can be used in retail stores, corporations and institutions for wide-ranging illuminated display applications including; backlit poster light box frames, sign lightboxes, graphic lightboxes, movie theatre lightboxes, showroom and trade show light boxes and point of purchase wall lightbox displays.

Wide-Edge Backlit light box displays are 5" deep and use linkable T-4 florescent bulbs that can last 16,000 hours. These long lasting, cost effective cool white bulbs are UL rated, and easily replaceable. Just snap open all four frame rails sides of the snap frame remove the white and clear acrylic panels and change the bulbs. No Tools! Changing posters and inserts is just as easy. Snap open the frame and front load your poster or sign, Snap Shut. That's it.

Snap Frame Backlit Lightboxes make ideal Duratrans display lightboxes. Duratran is an ideal film to print your posters and graphics. When back lighted, the Dura trans allows light to pass through brightly, making a more effective and eye catching illuminated backlit display. Custom lightboxes with the wide-edge snap frame profile is available.

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Wall Mounted Wide-Edge Edgelit T4 Fluorescent Light Box Display  

Wide-Edge Edge Lit Snap Open T4 Fluorescent Wall Mounted Light Box
Slim Edgelit Lightboxes designed with wide edge aluminum poster snap frame. SwingFrame's adds a new dimension to edgelit Snap Frame lightboxes. The 2 1/2" frame width adds a smart bold style and is sure to attract attention. Snap frame lightboxes are simple. Just snap open all four frame rails, remove the protective clear acrylic panel, place or change your Duratrans film or other transparency. Snap Shut. It's that simple. Now combine this simplicity with a bright energy efficient light and your graphics or other illuminated signage is ready to make a statement. No wonder front-loading slim snap frame lightboxes are so popular.

This wall mounted snapframe edgelit display utilizes energy efficient T-4 cool white florescent light bulbs places on the side edges of an etched acrylic panel. The UL rated bulbs spreads the light throughout the panel to brighten posters, signs, graphics, photography and advertising. This brightness last an average of 16,000 hours. That's a long time.

Consider the Edgelit Wide-Edge Snap Frame Light Boxes if you want your signage to stand out. Illuminated posters, signs, advertising, graphics, photography, directories and other signage that's printed on Duratrans film or other transparency will be noticeable with its high quality finish. With its 2" depth, the slim Edgelit T-4 Light Box Display is an ideal choice for all indoor lighted display applications: Retail Stores, Corporate Offices Hospitals and Medical Facilities, Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, Casinos, Airports and Transportation Centers, Sports and Entertainment Centers, Movie Theatres, Malls and Shopping Centers, Banks and Credit Unions, Museums, Auto Dealerships, Showrooms, Trade Shows and Convention Centers.

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Slide-In Side Access Wall Mounted Light Box Display

  Wall Mounted Slide-In Light Box Display
Give your posters, graphics, and photographs the brightness and visual clarity that light provides. When ordering, indicate which side you want the hinge to be on. Simply drop your graphic from the top or slide it in from the side. With ample T8 cool white lamps, light is diffused evenly to give your graphic the impact you are looking for. Slide in backlit lightboxes mount to the wall and at only 3 1/2” overall depth this popular aluminum backlit lightbox display case meets ADA requirements. Uses include: exhibits, trade shows, museums, healthcare centers, showrooms and numerous other interior public spaces and centers where brightness counts.
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