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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)


How do you use the Gravity Locking System?

The Gravity Lock was designed for the SwingFrame system and provides a simple locking method without the need for a lock & key. A long metal bar with hooks is placed into the metal channel located behind the front frame profile. This channel can be found on both the metal and wood frame profile. Metal hooks fit over flat metal stoppers that are located on the “Swing Shell” (back frame). Place the tip or your finger behind the profile and you will feel a hook that has a plastic cap. Using your finger slide the gravity lock bar up to release the frame. As you swing open the front display case door, the bar will slide back down the channel. To close, place your finger on the same capped hook and slide the gravity lock up. Now swing close the frame door. Release the gravity lock and it will slide down and hook onto the flat metal stoppers. Click to view Gravity Lock Instruction Sheet (PDF).

Must I use a Matboard in a Standard Poster SwingFrame?

It depends on the metal or wood frame profile you choose. The Classic Poster SwingFrame requires a Matboard. The Wide-Face Poster SwingFrame does not. All standard commercially available metal and wood mouldings have a profile lip that’s usually 1/8" - 1/4” wide. When using it with the SwingFrame System these mouldings require a Matboard, otherwise the hinges and other hardware would be exposed.

If the wood moulding has enough area in the back of the profile, our production team can rout out and create space by widening the profile lip. This wider profile lip will cover the 1/8” gap created between the front frame and the "Swing Shell" (back frame) thus keeping the SwingFrame hinges hidden from view. If you have a specific wood or metal profile you want to use, call us and we’ll let you know if it can be modified. We do offer several standard wood profiles that have a range of finishes which do not require a Matboard for our Poster SwingFrames.


Do I have to use a Matboard using the Wide-Face Metal Profile?


SwingFrame Mfg. designed the Wide-Face metal profile so that it does not require a Matboard. The Wide-Face metal profile has become our most popular selling frame profile. Many designers find the 1” slightly curved contemporary profile attractive without a Matboard. At times our design team receives requests to incorporate a Matboard with a specific color or combination of colors in the finished display to enhance their interior design projects.

Check out the
Wide-Face Poster SwingFrame


Can a SwingFrame be Designed with Multiple Mat Openings?

Yes. SwingFrame Mfg. has the capability to cut precise beveled mat openings with our computerized mat cutter. It can also cut openings of other shapes.

To view available matboard choices see Color Specifier Chart and or visit these websites for a complete list of colors and textures.

Check out the
CrescentCardBoard.com or Nielsen.com


Can I Order Multiple Matboards?


Double, triple, and quadruple Matboards can be used in our SwingFrames. Multiple mat openings can also be used with Multiple Matboards.


What kind of Backing Board should be used in a Poster SwingFrame?

For standard poster SwingFrames a “Coroplast” backing board comes standard. It is 1/8” thick and the standard color is white (Black is also available). Other substrates can be used and are determined by the item being displayed, the display design and other factors.


Can I use Glass instead of Acrylic?

We prefer to use acrylic windows, but depending on how and where the units are being displayed we can install glass into many of our SwingFrames. One problem with standard glass is no matter how well it’s packed it may break in transit. We would recommend shatter-resistant tempered glass if glass is required for the project. Tempered glass is limited to SwingFrame sizes 22" x 28" and under due to weight considerations. Call to check on metal and wood profiles that can be used.


Can a Lock with Key be added to a SwingFrame?

The SwingFrame is designed to accept a side plunge lock. We have a milling machine with a dye that was constructed to drill a hole into the side of the metal moulding profiles. This method allows for the installation of a side lock into a narrow metal profile. The side plunge lock does not detract from the overall design and appearance of the frame. Wood Poster SwingFrames have Side Plunge Locks installed into the back of the wood profile.


How deep can a SwingFrame ShadowBox be built?

Our standard shadowbox depth are 1", 2", 3" or 4". We have built shadow boxes with interior depths up to 16". Custom depths are available and will be determined on the overall size and other design factors.


Are SwingFrames Easy to Hang on the Wall?

All SwingFrames come with an instruction sheet. Most are easy to hang and require one person. Larger and heavier displays may need additional help. Simple tools such as a drill, level, pencil and screwdriver are required. Hanging brackets, wall anchors and screws are provided. Other hardware may be needed depending on the type of wall you have and can be determined by the installer on location.


Can SwingFrames Open up from Another Direction Besides the Left Side?


Standard SwingFrames open right to left just like a door. When ordering you can request the frame door to swing open left to right, swing up from the bottom or swing down from the top. However we do not recommend having the SwingFrame door swinging down to open because of the pressure applied to the hinges.


Can I Request a Specific Metal or Wood Moulding that you do not have listed?

We can use thousands of custom metal and wood mouldings available through numerous regional and national distributors. All you need to do is send us a small sample of the profile or provide a brand name and product number. After reviewing the profile we can determine if it can be incorporated into a SwingFrame. If it can be, we will provide a quote and either order the moulding directly from the distributor or you can have it sent to our production facility. If you have a sample of the profile and the manufacturer or distributor cannot be determined, there are options. We can suggest a custom designed profile to match your sample or with the broad range of mouldings available we can probably find a moulding that is very similar to your sample.

View Some of these Moulding Distributors by clicking on each link

Studio Moulding
Decor Moulding
Nielsen & Bainbridge
Designer Moulding


Can I Purchase just the Hinges and Hardware?

We do not sell the hardware but we can ship the display case unassembled for assembly at another location. Hinges, hanging brackets, and gravity lock stoppers will be installed onto the wood “Swing Shell”. This is usually requested for very large sizes to keep shipping costs down. SwingFrame Mfg. is not responsible for the final assembled SwingFrame display.


Can I Order Directly from SwingFrame Mfg?

Yes, you can order directly from us. We accept four major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover). We also accept PayPal and Pre-Paid Checks.


How do I Place an Order?

You can place an order online with any of our display shops. There are links found on each product page to Displays4Sale.com to place an order for that particular product. Or you can call us at 800-289-1539, email us at customerservice@SwingFrame.com, or fax us at 877-842-5126.


How do I get Dealer or OEM Pricing?

Please check out our dealer page and complete the Dealer Application.


Do you sell to Canada or Internationally?

Yes, however, our listed prices do not include shipping costs, entrance fees, duties or taxes imposed by foreign import laws.


Dooes SwingFrame Mfg. have a Location or Representative Where I Live?

Although we have a few distributors and dealers re-selling SwingFrame display products we do not have any showrooms around the country. Our main facility in Freeport, NY and does have a showroom. Our complete line of products can be found online.


How long is the lead time for my order?

We build to order. Our efficient production staff builds and ships standard SwingFrame products as quickly as possible. Please check out Displays4Sale.com for lead times. The lead times can be found on individual product pages. We ship out daily by FedEx ground. Express shipping is available for an additional cost. Besides UPS, we use many other carriers including UPS and other freight trucking companies. If so desired we can use a customer shipping account number. Custom built orders, large volume orders and non standard SwingFrame products usually require more time and the delivery time will depend on available materials. We have an excellent track record for shipping custom design projects and large volume orders promptly and on schedule.


How do I Know if my Order has Shipped?

An email is sent to the email address we have on file with tracking information.


How can I Find out the Weight of a SwingFrame Display Product?

All products have their weights listed on Displays4Sale.com on their individual product pages.


Is there a Guarantee or Warranty on SwingFrame Products?

All products have their warranties listed on Displays4Sale.com on their individual product pages.


Is there an exchange or return policy?

All products have their return policy or exchange policy listed on Displays4Sale.com on their individual product pages.


What are the Differences Between a Classic Poster SwingFrame and a Wide-Face Poster SwingFrame?

Classic Poster SwingFrames are part of the original patented design and use a simple 5/8" round metal profile. These frames are used for the display of posters, artwork, photography, graphics and other printed sheets. This frame design requires a Matboard; a decorative trim border made of cardboard typically used in standard custom framing to enhance the artwork presented.

The Matboard also hides the hinges that are behind the Matboard. If the Matboard were removed, a small 1/8” gap between the front frame and back “Swing Shell” would be visible revealing a small section of the hinge. The Matboard also adds an element of design providing numerous interior décor color combinations. Wide-Face poster SwingFrames are constructed of a metal profile that has a simple 1” slightly curved contemporary shape and does not require a Matboard. Wide-Face is by far our most requested metal poster SwingFrame. Matboards can also be requested and placed into the Wide-Face profile creating numerous color design enhancements. Click to view comparison Product Sheet:
“Classic or Wide-Face Poster SwingFrames" (PDF).
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