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Design Center and Custom Services

At SwingFrame, we offer more than 100 standard wood & metal frames and displays in different sizes and finishes.
But if you want something truly custom, there's no better company to call than SwingFrame Mfg. We take our
made-to-order building process a step further to create the frames and displays for your specific interior design project. You, your architect or interior designer, will work closely with us to design a display that meets your every expectation.

Our Design Center support and design team ensures that every changeable SwingFrame product lives up to our high standards of quality, efficiency and performance - no matter what its size, shape, color or material. Browse through our gallery at the right for some examples of SwingFrame Mfg's custom work. From poster frames, to shadowboxes, to lightboxes, to floor sign stands, SwingFrame Mfg. will design solutions that meet your expectations.


Whether your facility is small, mid-size, large with multiple locations, a new building or a retrofit, ADG Design Center can provide numerous changeable visual display solutions tailored to your facility’s decor and budget. Our highly capable design staff has the experience to manage one custom design display or can initiate a large scale interior visual display design projects.


Our design specialists are available to assist you at any time. ADG design services capabilities continue to expand. Using new silk screening thermal printing and other imaging technologies, our designers can add logos, slogans, and graphics to promote and enhance your brand identity.


You put a lot of thought and care into your design projects. So do we, here at SwingFrame Mfg. Each one of our"SwingFrames" are made to order and built for you. We select the finest quality material, including wood and metal extrusions that's needed to give our skilled and dedicated craftsmen the ability to build a display product that you will appreciate for years to come.


While ADG has achieved success by introducing a simple, unique changeable graphics frame and
  Custom Design Gallery

SwingFrame Mfg. Custom Display Solutions

display system, the company didn't stop thinking or growing. ADG has taken this versatile concept and expanded it into a multitude of products that provide a broad range of visual display solutions. In addition to its manufacturing capabilities, ADG Design Services can provide ideas, engineer new product concepts or build prototypes. From the design of a simple display for a small real estate office to the design of a large format display system for a major department store chain. ADG has the design specialists to implement your display requirements.


Designing Visual Display Systems can be simple or complex. New materials, substrates, lighting technology, imaging advances and manufacturing systems add an array of new possibilities that can make a difference in visual display presentations. The ADG sales teams are also designers that have the background and knowledge to develop ideas that can assist architects, designers, purchasing agents and re-sellers to develop visual displays that meet their expectations and budgets.


Taking on any project, small or large requires a dedicated team of professionals that understands the importance of seeing the job through, step by step, from concept, design, and fabrication to final delivery and installation our workers are there. Schedules need to be arranged, deadlines set, designs submitted for approval and delivery and installation coordinated. The ADG project team has the experience to make sure all aspects of the project are managed professionally.


For the most part, wall mounted frames, displays and floor sign holders are easy to assemble and install. As a result, the customers themselves can easily handle the job. This eliminates the need for outside installers. For more involved projects or national roll-outs ADG's project team can coordinate installations using a reliable network of regional and national professional installation companies.


ADG anticipates re-orders and at times replacements, whether it's a single unit or a large program. As a result a detailed description of the project is kept on file to maintain continuity. When repeat orders are requested, for new a marketing program, same location, expanded or new facilities, procedures are in place to insure displays are built to the same specifications and shipped quickly. Customers with multiple locations may need fulfillment programs tailored to their special requirements. ADG can inventory products, provide customized product literature, build-to-order as needed, prepare for customer arranged pickups, or ship by the best method to ensure displays are monitored and delivered to individual destinations on time.


From simple to complex, ADG has helped assist architects and designers in selecting the right materials and technologies to see their design through to a finished product. By utilizing ADG’s vast network of vendors, industrial designers and other strategic partners, documents and technical drawings are available for client approval.


ADG holds the patent for its innovative, changeable multi-purpose display case and display system, "SwingFrame". In addition, ADG has developed product enhancements and new display designs which are patent-pending or in development. A decade of knowledge and technical understanding combine with our manufacturing capabilities allows ADG to modify existing visual display products or build a new design.


Many of our existing visual display products comply with or can be modified to meet ADA requirements as well as other state and local codes. Prior to manufacturing and/or final assembly, ADG works closely with you to ensure your display will be in compliance with these regulations.

Custom Designs, Frames and Displays

Poster Frames and Display Cases Custom Designed

ADA Compliant
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