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Bulletin Board SwingFrames

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Designer Metal Bulletin Board SwingFrame  

Designer Metal Bulletin Board SwingFrame
Not your typical industrial Cork Board Box! Our round metal profile with decorative Matboard provides a contemporary look that is perfect for posting and replacing: messages, legal notices, menus, posters, and other announcements. The patented swing open enclosed Bulletin Board display frame has a new hidden gravity lock feature.

Choose from five standard metal finishes and 13 sizes. We can also build custom designed enclosed cork boards. Options include fabrics, lights and a lock with key. The SwingFrame wall mounted, cork board display case with natural cork backing makes an ideal office corkboard display. If your interior décor is important we have a wide range of choices to fit into any interior setting including; schools, museums, retail stores, showrooms, trade shows, design studios.

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Looking for an outdoor cork board display case?

Designer Wood 353 Bulletinboard SwingFrame with Header


Designer Wood Cork Board SwingFrame with Header
Bulletin boards, corkboards, poster cases, and tackboards that have more style will no doubt be more noticeable. Now add a header panel and now you’ve got even more attention. Your organization's message will now be recognized with your company, school, church, theatre name or other message, imprinted on the top, changeable header panel. Choose from a white panel with lettering or black panel with white lettering.

SwingFrame’s, swing-open indoor, enclosed designer bulletin boards with wood profile has the qualities that make it an attractive choice for your poster or message wall display case. The 3 step half round natural wood profile comes in nine contemporary stained finishes including cherry, mahogany, walnut, white-wash, ―enough choices to fit into a wide-range of interior decors. A complementary beveled matboard trim further enhances the overall display case design.

Enclosed, wood profile Designer Bulletin Boards feature a natural bulletin corkboard posting surface, break resistant clear acrylic window and hidden gravity lock. Custom sizes, matboards colors and finishes, fabric over cork ―with numerous fabric color choices, hinge placement, lock & key, make this poster and message display case a great choice for buyers and designers working on interior design projects.

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Wall Mounted Designer Wood Corkboard SwingFrame   Designer Wood Bulletin Board SwingFrame
Can a bulletin board display case really attract attention? Yes, if it’s our new Series 353 enclosed Designer Wood Bulletin Board SwingFrames. The half round profile has a three step design and comes in a variety of stained, satin luster finishes. A Matboard trim compliments the wood profile you choose. The interior of the enclosed display case features a natural cork board backing. Hidden hinges and gravity lock provides a clean, attractive display without a visible hinged front door distraction.

When your interior décor calls for a custom designed look, SwingFrame’s wall mounted designer bulletin, cork boards has the style and features you’re looking for. Beautify your interior environments with this attractive visual communication display. Custom designed wall mounted, enclosed cork bulletin board displays are available and options include custom sizes, depths, colors, fabric backing, lights and lock.

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Wall Mounted Wood Cork Board SwingFrame with Lights

  Designer Wood Corkboard SwingFrame with Lights
The appeal of our indoor Designer Bulletin Board Display Case is two features that make this SwingFrame message board clearly come to life, — the beauty of wood and an interior light. People can focus on the poster, message or notice quickly, surrounded by an elegant frame case design. No viewable hinges or lock.

The long-lasting, energy efficient, cool white replaceable T-4 florescent light is positioned on top and provides the right amount light to brighten the interior display area. .

Designers and architects, facility managers –all buyers, will appreciate the patented design that offers more choices and design possibilities than any other tack board, bulletin board, or other message display board. Nine popular stained finishes and seven standard sizes are just a starting point. At only 2 5/8” overall depth, SwingFrame’s Designer Wood Bulletin Board with light comes with a beveled matboard trim that further enhances the display, break resistant acrylic window, natural cork board, bulletin board interior panel and hidden hanging brackets for easy wall mounting.

Options include custom sizes, depths. numerous matboard colors, wood profiles with an array wood finishes, fabric over corkboard, with a variety of fabric colors, for added security a side plunge lock & key. The design possibilities are endless.

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Designer Metal Cork Board SwingFrame with Header  

Designer Metal Bulletin Board SwingFrame with Header
With SwingFrame’s indoor enclosed Designer Bulletin Boards display you can clearly identify your organization’s name, school, church, theatre or other message with our changeable header panel The bulletin board case header comes with helvetica-style uppercase black lettering —sized and centered depending on the requested message or name.

This attractive, wall mounted poster and message case is designed with a classic, aluminum, round top picture frame profile that’s enhanced with a complimentary beveled matboard trim finish to create an eye-appealing message display.

The patented swing-open frame has hinges and gravity lock hidden from view to create a clean design without the distraction of viewable hinges. Overall depth of the bulletin board display case is just 2 5/8" deep with 3/4’ usable interior depth for pushpins The interior tack board is natural cork.

Designer Metal Bulletin Boards with header come in seven standard sizes and five finishes. Custom sizes, finishes, fabric covered cork bulletin boards with numerous color choices, matboards colors, and side lock with key are available to make SwingFrame’s enclosed cork bulletin board display frame a designer friendly choice for numerous indoor visual display message board applications.

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Designer Metal Corkboard SwingFrame with Lights

  Designer Metal Cork Board SwingFrame with Lights
We’ve added a top light to make sure that SwingFrame’s Designer Metal Bulletin Board Message Display Case gets noticed even more often. SwingFrame’s indoor bulletin, cork board display case features a swing open, aluminum picture frame profile and beveled matboard trim that creates an eye-catching design that can fit into numerous interior applications including; schools, businesses, institutions –any indoor environment where messages, posters or other announcements need to be updated.

The long-lasting, energy efficient cool white replaceable T-4 florescent light is hidden behind the mat board and provides the illumination to clearly brighten the interior. Now the easy part; to access swing-open the front frame, just release the patent-pending gravity lock. Both the hinges and gravity lock are hidden from front view. The 2” deep interior has a natural cork, tackboard panel to easily tack or pin notices, posters and other messages.

Illuminated Designer Corkboard Metal Message Cases with florescent light is available in five popular metal finishes and seven standard sizes. It’s designed with break-resistant clear acrylic window. Custom sizes, depths, metal profiles & finishes, fabric cover over cork board in numerous colors, and side lock & key for additional security is also available. All SwingFrame designer cork board display cases easily installs with concealed wall hanging brackets.

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Designer Wood Bulletinboard SwingFrame with Header and Lights  

Designer Wood Corkboard SwingFrame with Header and Lights
All the features that create an appealing display case have been combined to make the SwingFrame enclosed Designer Bulletin Board message and poster case a display to turn your eyes to.

The attractive wood style, with the contemporary 3-step profile design is further enhanced with a header panel and interior light. The matboard trim completes the overall style that will fit comfortably into any interior décor.

The wall-mounted, illuminated bulletin board display header posts your company, church, school name, theatre or other simple message with Helvetica-style lettering on either a white or black panel. The top interior light is UL approved, energy efficient T4 long-lasting bulb to brighten and help focus attention to your displayed messages.

Release the hidden gravity lock, swing-open the contemporary, wood front picture frame door profile and easily tack your posters, menus, notices or other postings to the natural cork, bulletin board surface and swing-shut. That’s it. Ideal for use in lobbies, hallways, conference rooms, classrooms and public areas where it’s important to get your message viewed.

Options for SwingFrame Designer Wood Bulletin Board with Header and light include custom sizes and depts. numerous matboard colors, wood profiles with an array wood finishes, fabric over bulletin board, with a wide-range of fabric choices, if needed a side plunge lock & key for added security. The design combinations offer numerous choices to enhance any interior décor setting.

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Wall Mounted Cork Board SwingFrame with Header and Lights

  Designer Metal Bulletin Board SwingFrame with Header and Lights
Close up or from a distance, visibly identify & brighten your company’s message in SwingFrame’s enclosed, wall mounted Designer Bulletin Board with header and interior top light.

The wall-mounted display header posts your company, church, school name, theatre or other message with Helvetica-style lettering on either a white or black panel. Interior lights use UL approved T4 long-lasting bulbs to brighten and focus attention to your messages, poster and notices. The illuminated interior has a cork board that can be covered with a variety of fabric colors.

Designer Bulletin Board, tack display cases provide a stylish way to keep posted material clean. The swing-open cabinet frame door provides quick access to update your materials. The classic round top aluminum metal picture frame profile comes with hidden hinges and concealed gravity lock, —you can’t tell that it opens. But if security is a concern, a side lock with key can be installed as an option.

Available in seven standard sizes five popular finishes. Options include custom sizes and depts. Numerous matboard colors, metal profiles with lots of finishes, fabric covered cork, with a wide-range of fabric color choices. With so many possible combinations, you’ll have more choices to create the perfect bulletin board display that best fits your interior design décor applications.
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Super Wide-Face Metal Bulletin Board SwingFrame  

Super Wide-Face Metal Cork Board SwingFrame
The Super Wide-Face Bulletin Board Frame has a bold style that looks great and gets noticed easily in any indoor environment. The 2 3/8” wide slightly curved contemporary style metal frame was designed to be built without the decorative matboards shown on our other Designer Bulletin Board SwingFrames. The wall mounted Super Wide Face Cork Bulletin Board Display has a simple, strong, industrial design offered in two metal finishes; Satin Black and Satin Silver.

Ideal For posting messages, posters, menus, safety and compliance posters and other printed announcements. Offices, Schools, Retail Stores, Showrooms, Hotels, Medical Centers and Museums are a few of the locations that these Swingframe contemporary metal indoor enclosed bulletin boards are on display.
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Wide Wood Cork Board Wall Case

  Wide Wood Bulletin Board SwingFrame
The Wide Wood Bulletin Board Display Frame from Swingframe is an ideal choice if you are looking for a contemporary yet impactful enclosed bulletin board display. The 2 3/4” flat wood frame style was designed without the decorative matboards shown on our other Designer Wood Bulletin Board SwingFrames.

The wide-wood profile comes in seven standard finishes including Black and White. Other wood finishes include Mahogany, Cherry, Walnut and Honey Pecan ─wood finishes that will fit comfortably with numerous interior decors. The indoor bulletin boards also offer a choice of six fabric bulletin boards.
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Free Standing Metal Cork Board Stand  

Designer Metal Bulletinboard SwingStand
Move and position your messages, notices, menus and other announcements where you need it most. Freestanding, enclosed "Designer Bulletin Board SwingStands" have the style and look that gets attention. The contemporary round top frame profile is complemented and enhanced by a decorative mat border trim.

Our swing-open bulletin board display stand also features natural cork board backing, break resistant clear acrylic window and new gravity lock. The sturdy steel pedestal display stand is elegantly finished. Cork boards stands can be customized with a wide range of fabric colors to fit beautifully into your interior décor. Choose from three popular anodized metal finishes. Custom sizes, metal profiles and finishes, fabric backing, mat boards and side lock with key are available options.

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Two Sided Cork Board Floor Stand

  Dual-Sided Designer Metal Corkboard SwingStand
Coming or going, you have two ways to easily attract attention to your messages, notices, posters, graphics, photos, menus, advertising and other printed announcements. Mounted to a heavy duty round steel post, this SwingStand display stand has enclosed Bulletin Boards made with natural cork and features swing open frame doors with our attractive round top metal frame profile. Matboard trim compliments the custom frame profile finishes.

Eye-catching bulletin board, cork board display stands come with a break resistant clear acrylic window and gravity lock. Cork boards stands can be customized with a wide range of fabric colors to fit beautifully into your interior décor. Select from three popular anodized metal finishes. Options include; custom sizes, numerous metal profiles and finishes, fabric backing, matboards and side lock with key.

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Wood Bulletin Board Free Standing Floor Stand  

Designer Wood Bulletin Board SwingStand
Want to stand out from the crowd? Enclosed bulletin boards designed with our wood profile #353 will surely get your messages, posters and printed announcements noticed. Mounted to an elegantly designed sturdy steel post, this floor display stand with its swing open cork board frame is built with a bold, half round, three step profile. Choose from nine beautifully stained wood finishes.

The top mounted frame comes with a matboard trim that enhances the floor display presentation. With the cork board backer simply use pins or tacks to post your messages, advertising posters, or graphics. The wood style and overall design make SwingStand’s swing-open, free-standing bulletin, cork boards a great choice for numerous interior design display applications. Custom built sizes, fabrics, lock and other options available.

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