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SwingFrame Decor Edge-Lit Light Panels - T4 Fluorescent Bulbs

Our patented SwingFrame Edgelit Lightboxes are in a class of their own.

Our newest swing-open, slim design SwingFrame Décor edgelit lightboxes have an elegant, contemporary look and style to illuminated your posters, signage, advertising, and Duratrans graphics. With overall depths ranging from 2” to 2 3/4”, these wall mounted lightboxes incorporate the latest in edgelit technology with its thin etched acrylic panel that spreads the light evenly and brightly using long lasting, UL, energy efficient LED lights.

Swing-open the Decor lightbox display frame to change your posters, signage and Duratrans graphics
SwingFrame wall mounted Décor edgelit light boxes are simply different and more eye-catching than what you typically find. The style, look and function of SwingFrame lightboxes are designed to be noticed. MagnaClamps in the front frame allow you to easily change your inserts.

Select from a beautiful collection of metal & wood lightbox profiles or customize to fit your interior decor
SwingFrame’s illuminated display system offers styles and finishes to compliment any interior décor. With numerous readily available metal & wood profiles, and matboards, architects and designers will now have more custom lightbox design options, including custom sizes, depths, colors and finishes, as well as lockable models.

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SwingFrame T-4 Edgelit Wall Mount Lightbox
Swing-open, quick-change, slim edgelit lightbox. 7 standard sizes, 8 Finishes

SwingFrame T-4 Edgelit Wall Mount Lightbox
  Edge-Lit Wall Mount T-4 SwingFrame Lightboxes
Slim, Swing-open, light box edge-lit design. 7 standard sizes, 8 finishes

Edge-Lit Wall Mount T-4 SwingFrame Lightboxes

Edge-Lit Wood 353 T-4 Lightboxes with Matboard
Edge-Lit Wood light box, quick
change. 7 standard sizes, 9 finishes

Edge-Lit Wood 353 T-4 Lightboxes with Matboard

  SwingFrame Wood 361 Wall Mount Edge-Lit Lightbox with Matboard
Wood slim style light-boxedgelit,
with standard sizes, 10 finishes

SwingFrame Wood 361 Wall Mount Edge-Lit Lightbox with Matboard
Décor Edge lit light boxes offer more design solutions to enhance any interior environment including retail, corporate, POP, institutional, etc...
SwingFrame Décor Edgelit Lightboxes and other light box displays have been used in retail stores, malls, restaurants, quick services food service, hospital & healthcare, hospitality, museums, auto showrooms, entertainment, sports and transportation centers, financial institutions, banks and numerous corporate and government facilities.

SwingFrame slim wood & metal Illuminated lightboxes and lightbox displays are used for a variety of purposes including:
Illuminated sign holders, Illuminated movie poster display, poster lightboxes, illuminated menu lightboxes and Illuminated menu cases, illuminated directories, edge lit signs, theatre light boxes, photography lightboxes, photo light boxes, illuminated retail store sign holders and poster frames, illuminated poster displays, illuminated point of purchase display signage, illuminated trade show posters and signs, illuminated airport posters and signage, illuminated auto showroom posters, illuminated hotel displays, illuminated museum displays, as well as other edgelit, backlit and LED poster, sign, graphic, photographic and display applications.

SwingFrame Mfg. is a division of Access Display Group, Inc. The company designs, and assembles all patented, multi-purpose display system products, including swing-open illuminated frames and lightbox displays in its manufacturing facility, located in Long Island, New York. We are a lightbox manufacturer and offer swing-open, illuminated poster and sign lightbox displays, frames, cases, cabinets and other lighted display products that include; Slim & thin SwingFrame Decor Edge-lit Lightboxes, SwingFrame edgelit Décor LED Lightboxes, SwingFrame Backlit Lightboxes, and front-loading, snap frames trademarked as “SwingSnap” Lightboxes. All wood and metal illuminated, back lighting and edgelit displays and frames come in popular standard sizes and finishes. With a wide-range of poster, sign, graphic and photographic sizes used throughout the marketplace all edge lit and backlit light boxes standard and custom lightboxes are built to order.

SwingFrame designed illuminated displays, frames and cases are for interior applications, wall and surface mounting or designed for wall inset to meet interior architectural design requirements. Some lightbox and illuminated models can be designed for floor display. All LED lighting components are UL listed and may require a licensed electrician for installation in commercial applications including; retail stores, shopping centers, entertainment centers, institutions, schools & universities, restaurants, healthcare, hospitality, government agencies and corporate facilities.
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