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Classic Poster Display SwingFrame

Poster Display: Swing-Open, Quick-Change Metal Poster Frame

The Classic Poster SwingFrame is a high quality, functional wall poster frame that swings open for quick change of posters, graphics, photos, or other printed signage. There’s no other wall mounted poster display like it.

This Poster Display Frame from SwingFrame, with its hidden hinges and gravity lock, is a patented, quick change frame system that features a traditional style metal frame with a decorative beveled matboard, This combination presents a classic picture frame look that can fit comfortably into any interior environment; retail, corporate, institutional –all industries and markets.

Swing-open, wall poster holders come in numerous standard frame sizes. We can also modify and custom build poster display sizes to meet your interior display fixture requirements, including choosing from hundreds of readily available picture frame profiles in metal and wood, and matboard colors. All changeable poster display frames can be viewed at SwingFrame.com.

To Order Click Here: Classic Poster Display SwingFrame or Call 800-289-1539

  Frame Features
• Swings Open Front frame and Concealed Hinges & Gravity Lock
• Clear Acrylic Window
• Classic Round Face - Aluminum Metal Profile
• Beveled Matboard Trim compliments each display case Finish

Six Standard Frame Finishes
• Polished Black, Polished Silver, Polished Gold, Satin Black, Satin Silver, Satin Gold

Custom Options
• Frame Sizes up to 48” x 96”
• Hundreds of Matboard Colors
• Metal Profiles & Finishes
• Side Plunge Lock / Key
• Build For Pre-Mounted Graphics
• Non Glare or Break Resistant Acrylic
• Hinge Placement

Metal Poster SwingFrame Metal Poster Display Metal Print Frame Gravity Lock

Metal Poster Display Frame

Standard Poster Frame Sizes
8.5 x 11 frame
8.5 x 14 frame
9 x 12 frame
11 x 17 frame
12 x 18 frame
12 x 36 frame
13 x 19 frame
14 x 22 frame
16 x 20 frame
17 x 22 frame
18 x 24 frame
20 x 24 frame

24 x 24 frame
24 x 30 frame
24 x 48 frame
22 x 28 frame
20 x 30 frame
24 x 36 frame
27 x 40 frame
27 x 41 frame
30 x 40 frame
36 x 36 frame
36 x 48 frame
37 x 57 frame

SwingFramee Mfg. is a division of Access Display Group, Inc. The company designs, builds and distributes numerous wall and floor stand display frames, sign holders and frames and numerous other display products for visual merchandising and visual communications. SwingFrame’s patented poster displays are used for many applications including retail store fixtures, corporate offices, sports and entertainment centers, hotels and resorts, casinos, community centers, hospitals and medical centers, banks and credit unions, schools and universities, libraries, restaurants and cafes, tradeshows and exhibits, transportation centers, government and military facilities, and residential buildings, — every industry and the overall marketplace where presenting advertising, promotional posters and announcements, products and services, mandatory signage and other important printed information needs to be displayed and changed in a fast, easy, and timely manner. SwingFrame’s uniquely designed changeable classic metal poster frames offer architects, designers and buyers to design functional, attractive poster holders that enhance their interior design projects with unlimited design possibilities. All wall poster display frames and sign holders can be purchased securely online at www.displays4sale.com.

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