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Snap Frame "SwingSnap" and Slide In LightBoxes - LED Lighting

LED Lightbox Snap Frame Models and Traditional Snap-Open Light boxes –Keeping it Thin and Slim:
Wall mounted lightboxes are simple and contemporary utilizing LEDs. The Lightbox models presented are long lasting and energy efficient using UL approved lighting components. With thin and slim models to choose from, meeting ADA compliance regulations for public areas is not a concern. All snap frame light box models; edgelit and back lit are less than 4” in depth with some snap frame edgelit lightbox displays at a thin 1 3/4”.

Backlit or Edgelit Lightboxes –Either Way, A Brilliant Snap Frame Choice
The style and function of snap-frame lightboxes are designed to be noticed with your graphics or ads coming through bright and clear. The snap-open feature is designed to make it simple and convenient to front load your poster or graphic. Edgelit and backlit light box displays also called Duratrans light boxes are ideal for Duratrans graphic film, to enhance your displayed image.

Whether you’re looking for an advertising light box, graphic light box or sign light box, anyone of these wall mounted illuminated display fixtures will meet numerous interior retail store, corporate, institution, exhibit or point of purchase applications.


Thin Wall Mount Snap Frame Lightbox
Snap frame utilizes the new
thin edge-lit lightbox technology

Thin Wall Mount Snap Frame Lightbox

  Wall Mount Snap Frame Lightboxes (3 3/4" Deep)
Snap-open lightboxes with
a bright, long-lasting future

Wall Mount Snap Frame Lightboxes (3 3/4" Deep)

Back Lit Snap Frame Light Box
Backlit Wall Lightbox
with Metal Snap Frame

Backlit Snap-Open Frame Backlit Light Box

  Wide-Edge Backlit Snap Frame Lightbnox with T4 Lighting
Snaps open easily. Wide profile
is great for larger frames

Wide-Edge Backlit Snap Frame Lightbnox with T4 Lighting
Wall Mount Wide-Edge Snap Frame Edge-Lit Lightbox with T4 Lighting
Thin lightboxes which snap-open,
bright, long-lasting life span

Wall Mount Wide-Edge Snap Frame Edge-Lit Lightbox with T4 Lighting
  Slide In Light Box Display
Simply slide your graphic in
from the top or the side

Slide In Light Box Display

Snap Frame Lightboxes built with the latest in lighting technology solutions to make your posters, graphics, photography and signage come alive.

When it comes to choosing lightboxes, offering one lighting technology may not be the best solution for your lightbox display needs. With SwingFrame’s wide-range of aluminum snap frame light boxes you have several ways to meet your design as well as your budget requirements.

Snap frame light boxes are the most popular graphic display framing system used for numerous interior illuminated display applications. All four rails of the front metal frame profile snap open allowing you to easily place and front load your poster or other graphic. Snap shut the aluminum frame rails and your insert is secure, and ready to be viewed. This “Snap Frame” or “Flip-Open” lightbox housing method makes it easy to change graphics and signage instantly without the need to hire someone to install them.

LED Lightboxes with the snap frame design are fast becoming the most requested choice for wall mounted light boxes. ─and for a good many reasons; LED light boxes are the most energy-efficient illuminated displays available. Although more costly than the typical florescent backlit lightbox display, LED’s light boxes have benefits that in the long run compensate with lower electric bills. That’s because LED bulbs are smaller and more efficient than fluorescent bulbs.

LED lightbox Displays are also long lasting with a life span rated at 50,000 hours. That’s up to 11 years with no bulbs to change, making LED lightboxes maintenance-free. All Snap Frame LED components are reliable and UL listed. Today LED lighting can be the best choice for retail stores and other environments where changing graphics in a timely manner is important as well as controlling the costs associated with displaying illuminated signage.

LED lightboxes come with a thin etched acrylic panel that’s illuminated on the edges with the small LED light bulbs. This edgelit lighting provides a bright even light throughout the panel, giving your posters and signs a shadow free presentation. Small and large format graphics, especially those printed on Duratrans or similar films come through brilliantly in a LED light box display frame.

Easy to install, LED lighted Snap Frame displays can be positioned vertically or horizontally. Once mounted to the wall, you don’t have to take down the frame display to insert your poster or graphic. Snap Frame LED lightboxes come in thin and slim models in numerous standard sizes and your choice of popular satin silver or brushed black. Custom LED lighted displays are also available.

Light box displays like these aluminum Snap Frame LED light boxes have become a standard fixture as an effective marketing display to promote products and services as well as signage and the arts. The list is long and includes; retail stores, shopping malls, theatres, sports and entertainment centers, hotels, casinos, photography studios, hospitals, medical centers, financial institutions, banks and credit unions, restaurants and food establishments, auto showrooms, home centers, airports and other transportation stations.

Custom lightboxes are available for all edgelit LED and backlit light box display models. Large light boxes up to 48 x 96” can be built. Call for more information or a quote.

Are you looking for a
Wood Light Box?

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