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Features And Benefits


“SwingFrame” is a high quality, functional frame and display system built by SwingFrame Mfg.
The simplicity, flexibility and versatility of the SwingFrame design makes it an ideal solution for:

Corporate, Commercial / Retail, Institutional, Residential, Exhibit, and Point
of Purchase applications, including:

Retail stores, sports and entertainment centers, theaters, casinos,
malls / department stores, hospitals, hotels, banks, theme parks, conference rooms,
galleries, showrooms, museums, design firms, ad agencies, schools / universities,
libraries, government offices, military and other facilities.


• Patented and Manufactured in the USA

• Easy Swing-Open, Swing-Close Feature
SwingFrame allows you to rapidly change numerous printed and / or
dimensional items.

• Easier to Use
Than conventional picture frames. SwingFrame eliminates the hassle of removing
the display from the wall and dismantling it in order to change materials.

• Eliminate Costly Methods of Changing Materials

No need for an outside service or contract labor to dismantle and change
materials. Employees and staff can easily change the graphics or
items themselves

• Hinges are Designed to be Hidden
When hanging on the wall, you cannot tell the SwingFrame opens

• New Hidden Gravity Lock Feature
Secures the SwingFrame from general tampering without the need of
a locking key

• Numerous Standard Sizes
Available up to 4’ x 8’, custom sizes available as well

• SwingFrames can be Built as a ShadowBox
With standard depths up to 4”, custom depths available as well

• SwingFrames can be Illuminated


• Significant Future Savings

SwingFrames can be unassembled and redesigned years later. The inner shell
and acrylic window can be utilized again while only changing the outside frame
moulding and / or Matboard. Just return the unit to SwingFrame or we can
recommend a local contractor.

• More Frame Choices

Outer frame moulding can be built with hundreds of traditional and
contemporary wood and metal profiles, in numerous colors and finishes

• Matboards can be Customized
With different colors and textures, smaller window openings, multiple openings,
or multiple Matboards

• No Mounting of Graphic Required
No need to mount your posters, photos or artwork, the mounting board is
part of the frame.

• SwingFrames can be modified to accept mounted posters, signage,
or graphics up to 1/4” thick

• SwingFrames can be Customized
With numerous substrates available including; metal, wood, plastic, fabric,
and other materials

• Side Plunge Lock with Key can be installed for additional security

• Easy to mount to the wall
Wall mounted SwingFrames can be hung and ready to use in minutes.
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