February 1, 2002
Graphic Design USA - 100 Designer Friendly Companies

Less is more in this roundup of Designer-Friendly Companies. Of the thousands of companies out there, here are a rare handful of manufacturers and service providers who truly understand the creative community, develop products primarily for the community, and service the community.

SwingFrame Mfg.: a Recommended Resource: SwingFrame Mfg. is celebrating its 10th year in business as a manufacturer of instant access frames and displays. Its patented swing-open system allows for the rapid change of posters, graphics, merchandise, and objects. SwingFrames are available in numerous metal and wood finishes, standard / custom sizes, colors, profiles, depths. They have numerous corporate and commercial applications including retail merchandising, point of purchase, institutional, corporate and exhibit projects. The company also expanded its line of products to include economically priced Top/Side Loaders and Swing Snaps (four-corner snap frames).

A new division www.floorstands.com is an online resource for free-standing sign holders, banner stands, swing panels, unique swing-open SwingStands and other traditional display products. SwingFrames can be seen in diverse locations such as Nine West Corp, Vitamin World, Quest Communications, Macy's East, AARP, Reebok, and Tiffany's.